Wedding Ceremonies

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The process

1. Consultation

The first step is finding out what you want out of the ceremony. I’ll start with some basic questions, like how many guests are going, how you envision your ceremony (Romantic? Straightforward?), and logistics (Do you plan to write your own vows? Are you exchanging rings?). Then we’ll get into the story of you – How did you meet? What do you love about each other? What do you want to share with your guests or witnesses on your big day? Do you or your spouse speak a primary language other than english, and would you like it to be incorporated into the wedding?

3. Your Marriage License

You need to secure your marriage license no more than 30 days before your wedding day. They’ll give you 3 copies – you get to keep one, and the others are sent back to the clerk. Be sure to have two witnesses that can sign the license on the big day, and then I’ll send it off in priority mail on the next business day. If you need a certified copy after they are processed (for insurance, mortgage applications, etc.), the county can send you one for a small fee.

I can officiate weddings in all 50 states. If you’re traveling to Michigan from your resident state, you’ll want to secure the license from the county where the ceremony takes place (e.g. Wayne County if you’re getting married in Detroit), and if your ceremony is in a different county (e.g. Wayne County) than the one where you reside (e.g. Macomb County), you’ll want to get your license in your home county. You can apply online in most counties, and you’ll need to have a copy of your passport or birth certificate ready. If you immigrated from a different country and are not a US citizen yet, the county may ask you for additional documentation and/or request that your birth certificate be translated to english and approved by a notary before they approve your application.

2. Contract

The contract is very simple. It outlines the time, date, and location of the wedding, exactly what I’ll be doing for you and how much it will cost (Rehearsal? Travel? Additional consultation?), and what we need to do before the wedding day (Drafts of the ceremony, Securing the marriage license, etc.).

4. Your Wedding

For elopements, I’ll arrive to the location as early as possible, especially if the location is remote and it’s difficult to get in touch. If you don’t have witnesses available to attend the ceremony, I can bring two witnesses with me, we just need to plan ahead for that! For larger weddings, I’ll arrive early on your wedding day if we are not doing a rehearsal. We’ll do a quick check-in, and then I’ll handle getting set up with your DJ if you’d like me to have a microphone, get into place when you’re ready to get started, and you’ll get married! If you’d like for me to step to the side while you all walk up (so you get those sweet photos of your spouse watching you walk in looking amazing), just let me know where you’d like me to stand until you’re ready for me to start. I do prefer to handle payment before the wedding if it is electronic (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle) or you can pay cash at the wedding and I’ll write you a receipt. If you forgot your license at home (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us), please let me know as soon as possible so that we can make an alternative plan for completing the paperwork.

After the ceremony, many couples choose to have photos taken of you and your witnesses signing the license. Be sure to have a place in mind for those photos if you’d like them. To make the process faster, I prefer to pre-fill as much as I can (the location, time, date, and my information) while you are still getting ready for the ceremony, but the signing only takes a few minutes.


Horseback Elopement

This couple wanted an intimate ceremony at a cabin retreat, where they were staying with their four-legged family members. Since they resided in a different state, they secured their marriage license in the county where the ceremony took place. This was a short and intimate wedding with only a few family members as guests, and the ceremony focused on their close bond, the story of how they met, what they planned for the future, and the way they face life as life as a team.

Focus on Family

Many of the couples I’ve married are not only celebrating their story as a couple, but their story as a family. This is something we can incorporate in the ceremony by talking about your stories and experiences as a family, having your children participate in the ceremony, or having your adult children serve as witnesses. This was my first wedding since the onset of COVID-19, and while things look a bit different with limited guest capacity, masks, and some other changes from what you may have originally envisioned, it’s still possible to have an amazing and wonderful day to start married life.


Olivia was so amazing to work with! She was very professional and made us feel very comfortable when talking about us as a couple and how we met. When it came to our wedding day she was focused and relaxed. We also forgot our marriage license on the day of our wedding but we met with her the next day with no problem and got everything figured out! Olivia is great, you will want her at your wedding!!

  • Avalon, 2019

Olivia is amazing! I truly do not hesitate to recommend her! She is extremely professional while also being so real with you. If you want to feel like a friend is marrying you, she is your person! She is so easy to work with and is very receptive of your ideas. She does amazing work for a fair price! Thank you for making our big day great!

  • Tiffany, 2019

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