About Olivia

I am endorsed by the American Humanist Association to craft and officiate wedding ceremonies that honor the lives and values of the couples I serve. In accordance with the Humanist Manifesto III, I believe that human beings find meaning for life through the relationships we develop with others. As a wedding officiant, I honor this idea through participation and celebration in the legal and social action of marriage. I think that everyone should have the right to partake in marriage if they are so inclined, and all couples are welcome here. I am a graduate student at Appalachian State University and an NC native with a passion for reading, writing, and speaking about the human condition. I love a good party!



In addition to my work as a researcher and celebrant, I am a photographer with four years of experience in family portraits, weddings, and event photography. I recently partnered with Dillon Farley, an NC native and Asheville local, to provide photography services for couples and families. Photography inquiries are welcome: Click the Blue Ridge Portraits tab to browse our portfolio and find more information!

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