About Olivia

I am endorsed by the American Humanist Association to craft and officiate wedding ceremonies that honor the lives and values of the couples I serve. In accordance with the Humanist Manifesto III, I believe that human beings find meaning for life through the relationships we develop with others. As a wedding officiant, I honor this idea through participation and celebration in the legal and social action of marriage. I think that everyone should have the right to partake in marriage if they are so inclined, and all couples are welcome here. At Wayne State University in Detroit, I am currently studying for my PhD in Social and Personality Psychology. I am an NC native with a passion for reading, writing, and speaking about the human condition, and I love a good party!

Why Humanism? – I became a Humanist Celebrant in 2018 because I think that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their background. The Humanist Association recognizes the many legal and social barriers that disadvantaged populations have faced when exercising their right to marry the people they love. As a Humanist, I promise to respect your beliefs and value your humanity. Many officiants have a background in Theology, while my educational background is in developmental Psychology. I received my Bachelor’s degree from a public liberal arts college in NC, and my Master’s degree from a regional college in the blue ridge mountains. The values that drove my interest in humanism stemmed from the value of science in my education and the humanities-based education I received in liberal arts college.



In addition to my work as a researcher and celebrant, I am a photographer with four years of experience in family portraits, weddings, and event photography. I recently partnered with Dillon Farley, an NC native and Detroit local, to provide photography services for couples and families. Photography inquiries are welcome: Click the Blue Ridge Portraits tab to browse our portfolio and find more information!

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