Your Wedding


  • Your Contract

    • Having things in writing can provide peace of mind during a stressful process: after a brief initial conversation, I will send you a contract outlining the details of my services. This document serves as an official agreement between all parties.
    • Download a sample contract to check out the details.
  • Your Ceremony

    • It is important that your ceremony reflects your personal values, your relationship, and the nature of your celebration.
    • After signing the contract and consulting with you, I will craft a unique ceremony that fits your interests. Common ceremony elements are:
      • Activities to mark the union: examples of these are sand-pouring, hand fasting, and ring-warming. Such activities can incorporate wedding guests, or can be of particular significance to the couple.
      • Inclusion of children, families, or pets: Many couple have their families in mind when they decide to tie the knot, and wish to include them somehow in the ceremony. There are many options for this, such as giving children or family members the chance to speak during the ceremony, including their artwork as a part of the decor or invitations for the ceremony, or including special vows marking your family’s commitment to each other.
      • Personalized vows: Your vows can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Some couples choose to share more personal vows with each other during a first look, and others decide to share complex and meaningful vows to each other during the ceremony. If you need help drafting these vows, this is something that I can help with, and the structure of the ceremony is designed based on your wishes and comfort.
      • Quotations, readings, or songs: Many people choose to include artistic elements into the ceremony that represent their style, beliefs, and feelings. This is a beautiful way to celebrate the partnership between the couple.
  • Your Celebration

    • Rehearsals: Many people choose to rehearse the ceremony before the big day. This can create peace-of-mind and allows for any last-minute adjustments for which the couple may wish.
    • The Ceremony: I arrive early on the day of the wedding. It is one of the happiest moments to see the couple and guests as they attend the ceremony. After the ceremony, we sign the marriage license in the state you reside, and it will be shipped to the issuing county within one week.
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