Affordable Detroit wedding ceremonies: What can you expect from my services?

  • Personalized ceremony content:

    • It’s all about YOU! Weddings are special milestones shared among couples within their own life narratives. Your ceremony is a reflection of what your partnership means for you.
  • Reflection of your values and interests:

    • While my services are only a small portion in the process of your marriage, it is one of my greatest joys to get to know a couple and help them celebrate their special bond. No two ceremonies are alike, and each individual can expect for their personality and value system to be represented in the festivities.
  • Service, gratitude, and clear communication:

    • With so many details that go along with coordinating your wedding day, the least of your worries should be coordination with your officiant. I am committed to providing positive, effective communication throughout the process leading up to your ceremony, and will go above-and-beyond to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.
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